Spiffy Auto Detailing

The Spiffy Auto Detailing franchise
The Spiffy Auto Detailing franchise

Steps you into the driver’s seat and accelerates your potential! Our custom-made products and essential services are in high demand, ensuring a rewarding and profitable business for all of our future franchisees. Our one-stop shop for auto detailing needs leaves cars looking good as new, and with luxury car sales in Canada increasing year over year, this rare and exciting opportunity is uniquely positioned to tap into tremendous growth.

With enormous potential across the country, a low-cost investment, and proven systems you can build a strong revenue stream in a remarkably short time period. Leverage our expertise, wisdom, and trusted brand to grow your own book of repeat and referral business. You can enjoy the freedom to work on your own terms and hours, spending more time with your family, and achieving a better work-life balance. 

We understand that success is built on strong relationships and trust. That’s why we fully support our franchisees by offering group buying power and comprehensive initial and ongoing training. We have extensively researched and implemented tried and proven methods that will convert into more sales for you. With one of the largest social media followings in the car detailing industry, we know how to precisely target the market and drive results.

When you invest in a Spiffy Auto Detailing franchise, you’re not just buying a business, you’re becoming part of a legacy. Join our family to embark on a journey toward financial success and personal fulfillment today!  

We’ve Paved The Way For Your New franchise
We’ve Paved The Way For Your New franchise
we steer. You drive.

we steer. You drive.

Investing in a Spiffy Auto Detailing franchise offers a winning combination of comprehensive services, a trusted brand reputation, and unparalleled support, giving you the ultimate edge. Don’t settle for the ordinary, rev up your entrepreneurial spirit and experience the thrill of building a business that shines above the rest!

Broad Range of Services

Unleash the power of our comprehensive suite of services and leave competitors in the dust. From car wrapping to starlight headliner installations, we attract a diverse clientele that dreams of top-notch detailing.

Strong Brand Reputation

Join forces with our trusted and reputable brand and established customer base to tap into our loyalty and accelerate your success. By associating with Spiffy, you'll fuel your franchise with a reputation that shines bright.

Proven Business Plan

Leverage our proven business plan that has been driving growth since 2014 and gain wisdom from our experience as we replicate this winning formula through franchising, putting you on the fast track to potential profitability.

Streamlined Operations

No need to navigate complex operations, the Spiffy model keeps things simple, allowing you to run smoothly with few employees and an easy workload from the competitive advantage of a fine-tuned structure.

In-Demand Services

Take charge of a franchise that's in high demand across Canada's major markets. With a booming industry and a diverse customer base, you'll have ample opportunities to make your mark in the auto detailing world!

Profitable Model

Our robust business model, competitive pricing, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction drive strong repeat and referral business. With low overhead and start-up costs, the road to financial success is wide open!

Innovative Practices

Stay ahead of the curve with our commitment to adopting the latest trends and technologies in auto detailing and care. This continuous innovation keeps our franchisees at the forefront of the industry and creates higher revenues.

Unleash the Full Throttle of Success
Unleash the Full Throttle of Success
At Spiffy Auto Detailing, we’ve got you covered! From comprehensive training programs that will have you detailing like a pro to marketing strategies that will drive customers to your door, we’ll make sure you’re always in the position for success.

Operational Overdrive

From customer-service techniques to administrative procedures, our ongoing support keeps your franchise running like a well-oiled machine. We'll help you shift gears for maximum efficiency and rev up your operations to reach new heights.

Marketing Machine

Our team coordinates the development of advertising materials and consumer marketing plans that will leave your competitors in the dust. Get ready to accelerate your presence and leave a lasting impression on every customer that comes your way!

Purchasing Powerhouse

When it comes to savings, we've got the pedal to the metal! The Spiffy Auto Detailing team negotiates quantity discounts so you can enjoy the benefits of our collective purchasing power, stay competitive, and ensure your profit margins hit top speed.

Developmental Drive

Innovation is in our DNA! Our leadership team is always researching new methods and techniques to enhance the profitability of each and every Spiffy Auto franchise location. We're here to fuel your growth with the resources you need.

The Key to a Spiffy Investment


Minimum initial investment


Franchise Fee


Royalty Fee of Gross Sales


Local Advertising of Gross Sales


Corporate Marketing Fund of Gross Sales


At Spiffy Auto Detailing, we are looking for franchisees who can make their mark in the automotive industry. If you have the passion, motivation, and sales skills to drive our brand forward, we want YOU to join the Spiffy family!

Yes! We offer exclusive territories to all of our franchisees based in a defined area documented as a 50,000-100,000 population

Prospective franchisees should have a minimum of $116,000 in investment funding to account for working capital, start-up costs, marketing dollars, and the initial franchise fee to get their Spiffy Auto Detailing location off the ground.

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